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Joel Salinas III Art Collections

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Artwork by Joel Salinas III

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Joel Salinas III

Joel Salinas III Through experience, inspiration, and vision, I like my paintings to tell stories and deliver messages through the use of my airbrushes, illustrate painted life, drawn from imagination.
As an artist, through experience, inspiration, vision and the use of the airbrush primarily, I paint with a sense of spirituality that employs my, illustrated voice to bring love, peace, beauty and balance to places of dark and light. My work illustrates the things that we need to protect – this planet and all living things including humanity. In a surreal manner with a focus on environmental subject matter, specifically the highly endangered beings of sharks and honeybees, my vision is to create images, that allows individuals and audiences alike, to put themselves in a world with these amazing creatures that bring balance to our ecosystems to where we can, not just coexist, but live harmoniously and appreciate what every living being has to offer. I would also like my work, to take the intimidating and feared and shed light on them to see them as important, amazing, less feared, and more importantly beautiful.
As I find my work take focus on surreal and environmental subject matter, in the last decade, I have had the opportunity of being introduced to the Hawaiian islands and have fallen head over heels with all of its glory, especially its coral reefs and the ocean in general. The fluidity and vivacious life of the colors and all of the shapes that encompass this magical place, has me continuously inspired and in constant awe to create and tell stories through painting.
As serious as all that may sound, there is a sense of fun to this of course-you will also find my work take a turn into a pop-art direction. I believe in balance- which also brings me to another aspect of my art-there is the art of dance that takes form as I’m painting.
Going back to the method of my compositions, I originally chose to work and paint with the airbrush mostly because, to me it reminds me of the graffiti style in which I have always appreciated, as a bboy, and a constant, student of the Hip Hop culture.
Just like dancing among a crowd as a bboy in the middle of a circle, you may find me doing the same, with a painting in front of various audiences.
This statement is the first draft of what may become a few, until then, I will continue to be…
Painting Life, Drawn from Imagination.